Internet Of Things

Dolphin Labs is a well-regarded and highly rated institute in Pune that provides training in the Internet of Things (IoT). The institute is introducing a unique and innovative IoT training program in India. The aim of this program is to impart skills that are currently in high demand and will become the next big thing in the industry. The program is the result of extensive research and consulting work carried out by the institute’s team.
This IoT course is designed to provide an in-depth introduction to the world of interconnected devices, commonly known as the Internet of Things. The course aims to provide a practical understanding of the technology, separating the hype from reality. It is suitable for both manufacturing industry personnel and end-users, as well as IT professionals responsible for delivering innovative IT solutions.
Upon completion of the training, participants will have gained key skills in both hardware and software development, as well as IoT application development. The program is entirely practical-oriented, enabling participants to develop their own IoT applications independently. As research firms predict that the Internet of Things will be a game-changer in the technology industry, this training will provide participants with a competitive edge in the job market.

IoT applications can range from home automation and smart city systems to industrial automation and precision agriculture. The growth of IoT is expected to continue as more devices are connected to the internet, generating vast amounts of data that can be analyzed to improve efficiency, productivity, and quality of life.

What you will learn ?
  1. Introduction to IoT
  2. IoT Architecture
  3. IoT Devices Basic Building Blocks
  4. Getting Started with Arduino
  5. ESP XX Series Programming
  6. Getting Started with Raspberry Pi
  7. Linux- Commands and File structure
  8. Python Programming for Raspberry Pi
  9. Input/Output Devices Interfacing With Raspberry Pi
  10. Communication Protocols
  11. Cloud and Cloud Integration
Job Oppurtunities
  1. IoT Architect
  2. IoT Developer
  3. IoT Solutions Engineer
  4. IoT Security Specialist
  5. IoT Data Analyst
  6. IoT Cloud Architect
  7. IoT Project Manager
  8. IoT Sales and Business Development Manager
  9. IoT Marketing Manager
  10. IoT Technical Support Specialist
Course Details

Diploma/Degree/ Masters in Electronics,E&TC,Electrical ,CSE Engineering

Duration of the Course

06 Months



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