Embedded system Design and IoT

What is Embedded system ?

An embedded system is a specialized computer system that is designed to perform specific functions within larger systems. It is typically compact, low-power, and highly efficient, and can be found in a wide range of devices, from consumer electronics to medical equipment and industrial control systems. Embedded systems often rely on a combination of sensors, processors, and software to operate, and are designed to be highly reliable and robust. The use of embedded systems has enabled the development of increasingly sophisticated devices that are capable of performing complex tasks in a wide range of applications. Overall, embedded systems are a critical component of modern technology and are helping to shape the future of many industries.

What you will learn ?
  1. Introduction to embedded systems
  2. Embedded C
  3. 8- bit Microcontroller Programming and interfacing -8051
  4. 8-bit Microcontroller Programming and interfacing -PIC 18XX
  5. 32-bit ARM Microcontroller Programming and interfacing-LPC2148
  6. Special Purpose Module Interfacing
  8. Raspberry Pi
  9. IoT  systems testing and debugging techniques
  10. Real Time Application Development 
Job Opportunities
  1. Embedded Software Engineer
  2. Firmware Engineer
  3. Hardware Engineer
  4. Systems Engineer
  5. Test Engineer
  6. Validation Engineer
  7. Technical Support Engineer
  8. Application Engineer
  9. Field Application Engineer
  10. Product Manager
Course Details

Any Gradudation

Duration of the Course

06 Months



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