Circuit Building and PCB Making

This course is designed to provide participants with a practical understanding of circuit building and printed circuit board (PCB) making. It is ideal for individuals who wish to gain skills in electronics and hardware development.

The course will cover various topics such as circuit building using bread board after testing circuit in breadboard designing and creating PCB layouts, soldering, and testing circuits. Participants will learn how to use different tools and equipment required for circuit building and PCB making. The course is completely hands-on and practical-oriented, enabling participants to work on projects and develop their skills in a real-world environment.

By the end of this course, participants will have gained knowledge and skills to design and create their own circuits and PCBs, troubleshoot issues, and produce functional prototypes. This course is suitable for individuals who want to pursue a career in electronics, engineering, or product design. The knowledge and skills gained from this course will provide participants with a competitive edge in the job market and enable them to innovate and create cutting-edge technologies.

What you will learn ?


  • Introduction to Electronics Terminologies
  • Breadboard Handling
  • Component indetification
  • Flashing LED
  • Touch Plate Sensor
  • Multistage Water Level Indicator
  • Plant Water Reminder
  • Cupboard Timer
  • Door Bell using BC547
  • Light Dependent Alarm
  • Ticking Bomb
  • Laser Ray Sound Generator
  • Touch Switch
  • Light Detector using IC555
  • UP/Down Fading LED
  • Smart Post Box
  • Electronic Organ
  • Running LED’s
  • Introduction to OPAMP and OPAMP Based Projects
  • Introduction to sensor, Types of sensors, Sensor based projects
  • LDR, IR, Flame Sensor ,Motion Sensor, Tilt Sensor..
  • Introduction to PCB designing using software.
  • Designing art work, silk routes, top layer, bottom layer etc.
  • Image transfer on PCB
  • PCB Etching , Component Soldering and Testing.


Job Oppurtunities
  1. Embedded Systems Engineer
  2. Robotics Engineer
  3. Electronics Technician
  4. IoT Developer
  5. Firmware Engineer
  6. Automation Engineer
  7. Control Systems Engineer
  8. Industrial Engineer
  9. Mechatronics Engineer
  10. Product Design Engineer.
Course Details
3 Day Workshop

3 DAYS Workshop

4 Assignments

Price :- 750

6/hr Daily

Available at college premise only

5 Day Workshop

5 DAYS Workshop

8 Assignments

Price :- 1200

6/hr Daily

Available at college premise only

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