Android Based Automation

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Arduino Programming is a popular language used to program microcontrollers. With Arduino, you can create a variety of projects, from simple blinking LED lights to complex robotics. To learn Arduino Programming, you will need to understand the basics of coding, electronics, and circuit design. Some important topics to learn include digital and analog input and output, loops, conditional statements, and functions.

There are a variety of jobs related to Arduino Programming, including embedded systems engineer, robotics engineer, electronics technician, and IoT developer. With the increasing popularity of the Internet of Things (IoT), the demand for professionals with Arduino Programming skills is growing rapidly. Start learning Arduino today and take the first step towards a rewarding career in electronics!

What you will learn ?
  1. Introduction to Arduino ,  Arduino Boards & Selection.
  2. Arduino IDE , Settings, Library addition.
  3. Use of  Variables, Digital Pins, Analog Pins, PWM Pins
  4. Serial Communication- Read and Write Serially.
  5. Decision Making- if-else, for, while, switch.
  6. Creating Functions, Array, Use of Operators
  7. Interfacing with Output devices like  LED,  Buzzer, Speaker, Solenoid, Relay , DC Motor, Servo Motor.
  1. Interfacing with LCD .
  2. Interfacing with Input devices  like Switches.
  3. Interfacing with  IR Sensors, Flame Sensor, LDR  Sensor , Gas Sensors.
  4. Serial Interface, transfer data to computer.
  5. Interfacing with ADC and LM 35.
  6. Interfacing of protocol based sensors like ultrasonic sensors, Temperature and humidity sensor.
  7. Interfacing of Bluetooth.
  8. Android App development.
  9. Control Devices using Android app using Bluetooth.
  10. Case studies:
  11. Home Automation
  12. App controlled Robot
  13. Industrial Automation

                            More than  25 Projects/Case studies.


Job Oppurtunities
  1. Embedded Systems Engineer
  2. Robotics Engineer
  3. Electronics Technician
  4. IoT Developer
  5. Firmware Engineer
  6. Automation Engineer
  7. Control Systems Engineer
  8. Industrial Engineer
  9. Mechatronics Engineer
  10. Product Design Engineer.
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